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Salon Life Today

Terina Meekins

May 25, 2020

Life is so very different now. Covid-19 has changed our lives in so many ways. The hair salon has changed also. To be honest, as a hairstylist I felt apprehensive about reopening the salon and having to adjust to a new normal. Change is not easy for anyone, myself included. We all have our comfort zones. I had to first accept the changes in order to make the changes.

Following the Georgia State Board Safety Guidelines for reopening, the first step was ensuring the protection of my clients and myself by focusing on the cleanliness of the salon. That meant investing in chemicals for a thorough deep cleaning of every inch of the salon from ceiling to baseboards. Next, I wanted to make sure that all clients are healthy when entering the salon by purchasing a touchless thermometer to check temps, and having soap and sanitizer available for hand washing. I also acquired a supply of protective face masks in case a client did not have one of their own. The final step was informing my clients about the new changes so they would know what to expect. I'm really glad I did because most of them seemed very comfortable adjusting to our new normal.

When clients came for their first appointments it went very smooth. Which in turn made me feel at ease and really happy to see them again. Believe me, I was starting to get lonely. At the end of the day I realized that we are resilient and we can overcome anything. All we have to do is believe it can happen, take action on that belief, then the rest is history.