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Navigating the Dog Days of Summer Hair Care

Terina Meekins

Aug 06, 2021

  As we all know late summer in the South is oppressively hot, humid and challenging. Wise dogs duck for cover under a cool porch to escape the sweltering rays of the summer sun. Tending to your hair in a normal summer is demanding enough on its own. A simple three minute stroll from the car into work requires a cooling off period. The added element of the Coronavirus and its many variants joined with an abnormal back to school year places added stress on many a scalp, yours could be one. Fortunately, I'm here to help get you through it. 

  Whether it be wig, weave or natural, maintaining a comfortable style that allows your scalp to breathe while enduring these brutal hot days should be your first consideration. There are several ways to wear your summer hair to help you feel as cool as possible. The first of course is rocking natural. Using the right product will help your curls to hold and keep your hair from frizzing out. I recommend Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream. It moisturizes, conditions and helps prevent frizz due to a most incredible ingredient. Sage. 

  Sage restores lost moisture, tames frizz, helps detangle, and strengthen hair follicles. The Romans used Sage to help improve digestion, treat sore throats and other ailments. Taliah Waajid's fortified Nutrition Curl Definer infused with Aloe will help those natural curls stay in place. 

  Another idea is to wear braids, cornrows or twists. These different looks will allow your scalp to breathe and give your hair a break from the heat. How about a wig or a weave? Both of these options will allow you to escape your everyday look and give you an opportunity to explore a new you. 

  Embrace change and try a few of these wonderful ideas. Be sure to keep masked up to protect yourself from Covid-19 and its multiple variants. Safety First!