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When you think of receiving "Exceptional Hair Service" or getting your hair cut exactly the way you like it, you think of Terina Meekins. Her mission is to help people look good, feel good and know that there are options. Terina's secret, along with with her 22 years experience, is that she really cares about her clients and how they feel about their hair. Whether wearing hair extensions, wigs, or their natural hair, Terina understands that the way your hair looks affects how you feel. Many of her clients simply adore her for that reason. She is a genuine person with a nurturing personality, and it carries over into her work.


Terina has trained with Matrix, Aveda, L'Oreal Professional, Marquetta Breslin and Patric Bradley just to name a few. Not only is she a Master Cosmetologist and a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, she is also a Certified Hair Loss Professional as well. Helping women who suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions is especially important to Terina. She understands how uncomfortable it can be to experience any form of hair loss and is always there to provide support and encourage confidence. One of her specialties is creating looks that are appealing to the eye and so natural looking that it's hard to determine whether it is real or not.

"The magic takes place at the Wig Hut Salon." A private exclusive salon with a friendly welcoming atmosphere. The doors are always open for new clients and old. Terina would love for you to experience the joy she will bring to your life by enhancing the look you already have or creating a new you!