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Why Wear Synthetic Wigs

Most People think human hair wigs are better because they are made with real hair. That is not true. The look and feel of synthetic hair has advanced, being completely natural in movement and feel. Human hair wigs take 20 to 30 minutes of styling time depending on the look you desire.

  • Easy to care for.
  • Style retention or style memory.
  • You won’t have to restyle your wig.
  • Weather proof, it won’t frizz and curls won’t drop.
  • Lower in cost and maintenance.
  • Lighter weight than human hair.
  • Vibrant colors stay throughout the life of your wig.
  • It’s coated with a shine.
  • You can’t change the style or the color.
  • Can buy different styles to suite your needs.
  • Last 4 to 5 months.
  • No blow drying.
  • Fibers can be curled on very low heat.