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Maintaining a wig is similar to managing your hair. It must be shampooed, styled and properly preserved. At the Wig Hut Salon we provide a quality service that will support the health of your wig and keep it looking and feeling at its optimal level of appearance. We offer shampoo and style, wig repair, color enhancement, and hair cutting. Come let us rejuvenate your wig and bring it back to life.

At The Wig Hut Salon the Wig Consultation is free and required before services begin. Consultation can only be through video chat form via the phone or internet. Consultation hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday and Tuesday only. Please book your appointment today.

Instructions to prepare your wig for service:

  1. Turn the wig inside out. Take CLEAR and CLOSE UP pictures of:
    Front half, back half, both sides, and middle of inner wig cap for a total of 5 photos.

  2. Use 6 safety pins and place them into your wig cap to highlight tears or thinning areas in the cap.
  3. Finally, choose 2 photos of the look you desire for your wig. These photos should show the front view and back view of your style. If you can find a photo that resembles your wig's style and length, that would be best.

  4. Please have your wig present at the consultation. I will need to look at it.
  5. When finished you should have a total of 7 photos, please email them no later than the day before your consultation.
  6. Wigs must be received by Monday. Once received there is a 14 business day turnaround time. Any wigs received after Monday will enter the following Monday's cycle.
  7. Until further notice wig maintenance is available for Georgia clients only.
  8. Please click the link below and fill in The Wig Hut Salon Wig Maintenance Form completely.

The Wig Hut Salon is not responsible or liable for condition of wig once it is received. The Wig Hut Salon is responsible only for service(s) contracted.